Thursday, October 1, 2009


I truly wonder what one is expected to do in a state of hopelessness....Sometimes I feel like I am stunted as a result of my nationality!!!

Yea, I sound like I am frustrated....that's only because I feel very helpless, and as you may be aware, being in a state of helpnessness for too long will eventually lead to hopelessness.

Today, the 1st of October 2009 marks the 49th independence anniversary of my country...Nigeria. Hold on...before you start to think that this event calls for celebration, it is very far from that.

A country at 49 with virtually nothing to show for it....not even the basics (no electicity, no portable water, no hospitals, no good schools...too numerous to mention). The universities have been on strike since the 22nd of June 2009, the leaders are sooo corrupt, the followers are too timid and too illiterate to make a change, most of the youths have joined the bandwagon of scammers.....I can go on and on about the numerous problems that frustrate me and other reasonable citizens, but I honestly don't want to sound like a pessimist....I just want a way out of this so that I can maximize my potentials. As the saying goes, a fool at 40....I leave the rest to you to complete.

So to anyone out there reading this, who may care to lend a helping hand to help me further my studies, I'll really appreciate all the financial help I can get....however little (what seems insignificant to you, might just be someone else's saving grace). To be sincere with myself and everyone, a job that earns me less than $200 a month, cannot help me further my studies in France next year.

I'll be looking forward to your comments and help.

With gratitude,


Friday, September 25, 2009


Check this link out to see some before and after pictures of adults who have done the bow legs correction at Ladisten clinic, Kiev, Ukraine...I really want to do this, I need money for this badly.

Shared via AddThis

If you are considering doing a correction, please share your suggestions on where you intend to do it (Country and name of hospital), the technique to be used for correction with the pros and cons, how much it costs and how you intend to pay for surgery (Most insurance packages do not cover this kind of surgery as it is considered to be cosmetic), so if you intend to pay out-of-pocket, please let us know how you will put the money together. A few of us can learn a thing or two from you...I live in West Africa, so we pay for all medical expenses out-of-pocket.

You can find out more about Ladisten clinic at or

Hope this helps you to make up your mind.


These are a few tips I stumbled upon on the internet, on everyday things you can do to help you grow taller (That's if you are still growing). Please enjoy!!!

Grow Taller - wikiHow

Also, there is a surgery called Limb Lengthening for those that have stopped growing, but will like to add a few inches. Those who also suffer from Dwarfism and other short stature conditions can also choose to do a Limb Lengthening surgery.
Please, follow these links to find out more about Limb Lengthening.

Hope this helps.


Sometimes, we all need some money we cannot seem to afford. Here are a few tips on what to do when you decide to raise money for any project (personal or otherwise).

Raise Money - wikiHow

Your contribution to this topic will also be highly appreciated....It just might be what will help someone get their fundraising dreams to reality!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have been MIA...its nothing serious,just one of those times when I just want to keep to myself.I do that a lot,especially recently...yea,you guessed right.I have not been too happy,been worried about a lot of things...too much on my mind but I guess I'll be fine,its just a matter of time.

I think I'm becoming all too religious lately(was in church yesterday and today)...I guess its better to take all my worries to God.I'm desperately in search of a "good" job,so that I can save some money to enable me go to college next year...I tell you,its really tough out here in Africa.My sister just got a very "bad" job with a very "bad" pay(she has to work from 9am - 5pm,monday - sunday for a pay of about $120 a,that sounds like slavery to me),but she doesn't seem to have a choice.I pray I get a more financially rewarding job.

To other things...saw the VMAs,and I must commend the organisers.KANYE WEST acted really some new artist begging for attention.Somewhere in my heart,I wish Taylor Swift could just sue him...maybe that way,he will learn his lessons.How on earth can he decide to ruin such a happy moment for the poor girl...who cares if he agrees with whom the award is given to or not?What in heaven's name makes him feel Beyoncé deserves the award more than Taylor...saying she has the best video so far,this year?Is it cos of the choreography in her videos(except for that,I have been really disappointed with her style of music and videos lately).I used to really like Kanye,up until he started to have problems with most of the award organisers...maybe he should just start his own thing with people of the same orientation as him or better still,he should just ignore the organisers and act like he doesn't care.His actions were just plain stupid to uncalled for!!!

And yea...the football(I mean soccer)season has resumed fully...the Champions League and the English Premier League.Are you surprised I am a soccer fan...a die hard one at that?I support CHELSEA wholeheartedly...UP BLUES!!!I really pray that we win the EPL this season and maybe the CL(that's the big one that has been evading us for years).Most Africans are die hard football fans and a lot of us have specific clubs that we support in the Serie A in Italy,the La Liga in Spain,the EPL in England and other leagues all over Europe.

I hope I get over my worries soon so that I can update the blog every time...hope to hear from y'all.Comments please!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Its been a while since I last posted anything on this blog...Yea,I have been pretty busy with work plus a lorry load of thoughts up in my head(of course,its still about doing all I can to make sure that going to college becomes a reality for me next year)...Enough about myself,back to the topic of the day.

If you decide to do a corrective surgery for your bow legs,you will be confronted with quite a number of challenges including choosing a surgeon for your correction,how long it will take to recover and if you will be able to do your everyday activities(which includes getting back to your job or school)during your recovery period,how you intend to pay the total cost of surgery and stay at the hospital during recovery etc.The latter is what I am curious about.

I really don't have all the answers as to how you should plan to pay for your corrective surgery, but I'll try to give a few suggestions.

Note: Its just my personal opinion.


Yea...did I hear someone say "but of course,everyone knows this".Get this,because corrective surgery for bow legs is usually considered cosmetic,it is not covered by insurance.You can only get partial or full insurance coverage if you can prove that the condition causes some pains in your knees,thus hindering your day-to-day activities.I read in a forum about a young lady who said that insurance paid part of the cost,and she only had to pay $3500 out-of-pocket in the USA.


This is still by far,the most realistic option available.If you already have a job,good for you...if not,please get one.This option could be very cumbersome as it may seem quite difficult to accumulate all the money needed.You may need to take an extra job or two.Getting donations from family members and friends might not also seem too realistic as they may not be in support of a corrective surgery for your bow legs(they always tell you its nothing to be worried about).


There are a number of foundations that may be willing to help you with the cost.You could try the save-a-limb foundation(I don't really know if they deal with issues like this)...a trial is not harmful though.

You can send an e-mail to the following addresses with your clinical pictures(x-rays) to find out if they will take your case and how much it will cost.

Hope this helps!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have really been thinking about going to college for a while now but considering my present financial situation...I honestly do not know how to go about raising all the money needed.

Here is my story...I graduated from high school about 9years ago(at the age of 15...yea,I was quite outstanding).I got into university the following year,2001,to study PHARMACY(10-semester course) but I opted to leave after 2 semesters due to the fact that there were no well-equipped laboratories,the theoretical courses were not well organised and above all,I discoverd that the university was not accredited by the government to offer pharmacy as a course of study.

After trying for a while to get into university,in 2005,I decided to go back to my first love...languages.I studied french at the french language village and Alliance Française in my country for two years and a half(I spent 8months at the language village where I obtained a diploma in French and spent 22months at Alliance Française where I obtained a diploma in Executive Bilingual Secretarial Administration and some other foreign language certifications like the Diplôme de Français des Affaires from the Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Diplôme de Hautes Etudes-Version Traduction from the Alliance Française of Paris).

Now,I will like to go to a university in France(hopefully,the famous Université Paris Sorbonne IV or Université Marc Bloch,Strasbourg II)to study Applied Foreign Languages(LEA) but I do not have enough money.

Does anyone have any idea of how I can raise funds to make this dream of going to a university come true?Please,take the following into consideration when giving your suggestions:

-I am African,and there are no student loans available in my country.

-I do not qualify for a grant or scholarship from the french government as I will be going for an undergraduate course.

-Fundraising programmes(dinners,church fundraisers etc)are not too realistic where I live.

-Tuition is almost free in french universities(about 180€ for undergraduate courses and 197€ for social security).But accommodation and feeding is where all the money goes(a budget of 800€ for Paris and 600€ for the provinces).

-The only source of income and savings I have is from my present job!!!

I will really appreciate all your help and suggestions as I am hoping to submit an application with the French Embassy in my country when they start receiving applications before the end of the year.